Golf Training Course Good For Rest And Exercise


Visitors practice golfing at the Pyongyang golf training ground.

“It is so exciting to hear the sound of hitting the golf ball. No one will be able to enjoy such a thrill without experiencing it,” said a customer at the Pyongyang golf training ground.

The golf training ground is located in the vicinity of Sports Village on Chongchun Street in Pyongyang, presenting a sharp contrast to the surrounding environment.

The ground covers an area of over 20,000 square metres surrounded by thick forests.

At the request of customers, instructors provide them training, while telling them general knowledge about the game.

Kim Chol Ryok, technical service provider and also a good golfer at the training ground, tells customers interesting stories about golf. Although golf is known to have originated in Europe, he said, the game of thagu similar to golf came into being in Korea earlier than golf, that is, before the 14th century. The club was about one metre long and the ball was as big as an egg with each hole being as big and deep as a bowl, and the game was all the rage at the time.

“Golf clears our mind and body like the clean environment of this training place. Abandon your desire to get scores and concentrate all your mind on correct posture and movement, then you will make it. This is also essential in work,” said a veteran golfer in his middle age.

“In golf, hitting the small ball in a standing position is not everything. It is an exercise that requires the movement of all pelvises. I found it hard physically in the first month, but I am now full of vim and vigor,” said a young patroness.

The training ground seems to be covered with a green carpet. There are targets and target areas at the distances of 50m, 100m, and 200m and it is said even those who have undergone training for a certain period find it hard to hit all the targets every time.

Therefore, through the training, customers are said to cultivate perseverance and willpower as well.

After training they enjoy various services at such public service facilities as pine sauna, foot and body massage rooms and indoor and outdoor restaurants that serve special foods.

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