Factories In High Gear to Produce School Things


A technician discusses how to improve the quality of satchels with workers at the Pyongyang Bag Factory.

The production of school bags and other things for children are on the increase in the country.

“We have classified and standardized satchels for kindergarteners, primary school pupils and students of junior and senior middle schools and universities into dozens of kinds and started production,” said an official of the Ministry of Light Industry.

According to him, each provincial bag factory has launched into a competition to raise production speed and quality, whose result is fully being manifested at the quality evaluation show of school bags.

The Pyongyang Bag Factory won the two rounds of show last year.

Its products are appreciated highly in terms of design, picture printing and processing.

The factory sends its employees to residential quarters and schools on a regular basis to learn about their opinions on its products.

In the course of this, it brought out over a hundred new designs and developed devices for measuring the decolouration of satchels by ultraviolet rays and raindrops and the tensile strength of shoulder straps.

The Sinuiju Bag Factory is also one of the units that lead others in improving the quality of products.

Meanwhile, the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill, Mangyongdae Revolutionary Site Souvenir Factory, Phyongsong Rubber String Factory, Phyongsong Artificial Leather Factory and many relevant units are turning out such materials as canvas, zipper, tape and synthetic leather needed for the production of school bags.

“Preparations for producing various kinds of school things are also being pressed on,” said Jo Chung Il, a staffer of the Ministry of Light Industry.

According to him, dozens of kinds of school things have already been chosen for educational institutions ranging from primary schools to universities on the basis of in-depth survey of the demand for school supplies according to classes, and their quality will be as good as Haebaragi-brand school things which were supplied to all the pre-schoolers across the country last February.

In Pyongyang alone, the Pyongyang School Supplies Factory and some other factories have set up various processes to produce hundreds of thousands of clipboards, pencil-cases, crayons, watercolours and erasers.

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