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A Chain of Pools in Mt Kumgang Boast Fascinating View


Upper Eight Pools in Mt Kumgang.

In the summer rainy spell, waterfalls and pools at scenic attractions are unfolding exquisite sights to lure many.

In particular, Upper Eight Pools of Mt Kumgang offer a breathtaking view.

The pools located on Kuryong Falls of Outer Kumgang in the mountain consist of eight big pools as the name shows.

The pools that formed in a line on huge clean rocks through ages of erosion by the action of water appear to be an elaborate creation by humans and crystal-clear water flows in and out of the pools one by one to spread out lying and wide waterfalls.

The water stream that runs out of the last pool flows along a narrow sloping groove and falls over a precipitous cliff before skirting round the bottom of the mountain reminding viewers of a precious sapphire necklace.

On both sides of the valley with Upper Eight Pools, there are steep precipices that are 100 metres above sea level and where pine, pine-nut and maple trees grow in crevices, and the trees seem to be hanging in the air when seen from a distance and present a mysteriously charming view in harmony with the surrounding pools and cliffs.

The pools are associated with the legend of the “Eight fairies of Mt Kumgang” which goes that eight fairies from heaven used to have a bath in the pools.

According to a management official, the pools are under good protection as a natural monument.

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