Legend of Sol Juk Hwa


The story of Sol Juk Hwa is one of the legends which are told by the Korean people in the long history.

Researcher Cha Kwang Hyok at the History Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences, says:

“The legend of Sol Juk Hwa is a story about the history of struggle of the Korean people against the foreign aggressors. It tells the patriotic feats of a young girl who bravely fought against the aggressors. Through the legend, we can know well the patriotic and fighting spirits of the Korean people.”

Sol Juk Hwa, heroine of the legend, is engrossed in training martial arts while taking care of her mother in a deep mountain in order to revenge her father who died in a battle against the foreign enemy.

One day, she happens to meet hunters going to war and hear that foreign enemy invaded her country.

She waited for the day but she can’t go to the war readily because of her mother seriously ill in bed.

Reading her daughter’s mind, her mother goes away, leaving a message that she must go to the war.

Keeping her mother’s deep intention in her heart, Sol Juk Hwa disguises herself as a man and calls on the then patriotic commander Kang Kam Chan.

Kang Kam Chan tries to send her back because she is too young but, finally, he is moved by her patriotic devotion and allows her to join his unit.

Sol Juk Hwa is not afraid of death in the sacred war against the aggressors and for defence of the country. She bravely fights in the van before falling in battle.

Through the story of Sol Juk Hwa and her mother, the legend impressively shows the patriotic spirit of the Koryo people and the bravery displayed by them in the struggle against the aggressors.

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