Pyongyang Metro Stations Undergo Renovation


The internal platform of Kaeson Station rebuilt in 2019.

Several railway stations of the Pyongyang Metro have been modernized.

Jonsung (war victory) and Jonu (comrade-in-arms) stations have undergone a complete change in appearance this year in the wake of last year’s renovation of Kaeson (triumphant return) and Tongil (reunification) stations.

Their external buildings, which are decorated to blend in well with the surrounding scenery, are stylish, and yet their interiors are more fashionable. What is characteristic in their renovation is that the ceiling, wall and architectural decorations and illuminations have been done in a more modern and elegant way to suit the names of the stations, so as to fully embody the principle of giving priority to convenience and architectural beauty while raising the level of plastic arts and artistic technique.

According to a relevant official, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who shows special concern for facilitating citizens’ communication, reportedly oversaw one by one the miniatures of the underground railway stations to be renovated.

Seen on the wall in the underground of Kaeson Station is a large-size mosaic mural showing the people rejoicing over Korea’s liberation and the aspects of the contemporary times when the locals turned out in the building of a new Korea.

Put on display at Thongil Station are embossed copper carvings on the theme of national reunification and photos showing the successes the Korean people made in their efforts to reunify the country, beauty spots and enchanting views.

“Whenever I look at the photo depicting the soldiers of the Korean People’s Army who performed distinguished services during the Fatherland Liberation War in the underground of Jonsung Station, I feel as if I meet with war heroes myself,” said Kim Sung Il, student of Kim Il Sung University.

Photos on a variety of themes showing the Korean people’s diligent work and happy, cultured life are put up on the walls in the form of electronic screen along the passages in the underground. And TVs and electronic guide maps are installed in various places of escalators and platforms.

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