Invincible Revolutionary Army

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was awarded the title of Marshal of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on July 17, Juche 101 (2012), according to the unanimous will of the Korean people.

Eight years has passed since then. In those days, Kim Jong Un has strengthened and developed the revolutionary armed forces of Korea into an invincible army with his gifted military strategy, matchless courage and outstanding leadership.

He presented it as the general task of army building to model the whole army on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism and led the revolutionary armed forces to fully demonstrate their nature and might as the revolutionary army of the Workers’ Party of Korea. He inspected the dangerous forefront posts and powder-reeking combat training grounds in the sky and on the land and the sea to make the People’s Army an invincible army.


It happened in February Juche 101 (2012) when he visited a coast artillery position with the enemy within a hailing distance.

When he suggested seeing the firepower training, officers and soldiers were strained because nobody could predict the development in the region where both sides were sharply confronted with each other.

Officers told him time and again that the place is too dangerous as it is the forefront with the enemy just at hand. However, he watched the training of the coast artillerymen, saying there is nothing to be afraid of as he is together with soldiers and the enemy would not dare to provoke.


Seeing him satisfied with the training, the soldiers felt once again his confidence and courage as the brilliant commander.

In March a few years ago, Kim Jong Un guided a shooting contest of the commanding personnel of services and corp-level units of the People’s Army.

After watching the contest with pleasure, he said:

The People’s Army should vigorously conduct the crack shot movement to train the soldiers into sharp shooters who can hit the targets at one shot irrespective of the climatic and seasonal conditions, day and night. To this end, the commanding personnel must be the crack shots.

You must not forget even a moment that war is fought without prior notice but put greatest spurs to completing the combat preparations, he stressed.

Through the crack shot and master gunner movement initiated by Kim Jong Un, the officers and men of the People’s Army have been trained into masters of modern warfare and brave combatants with heroic fighting spirit, bold offensive and perfect war capacity.

One day Kim Jong Un told officials that he plans to make ours the most powerful country in the world at the earliest possible date.

With such a will, he built the strongest national defense power in a few years, turning the DPRK into an invincible military power nobody can provoke.

Kim Jong Un opened a new chapter of consolidating the military muscle with his devoted efforts and his immortal exploits will shine for all ages.


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