Flower is a symbol of beauty.

It is like a part of our life which adds to the fragrance of family and society.

Choe Cho Hyang, official of a unit under the Pothonggang District People’s Committee of Pyongyang City, loves flowers very much.

She is not a gardener, but she has been planting and cultivating young flower trees with devotion at home and workplace for over 10 years.

She did so, not simply because she loved flowers, but because she wanted to give pleasure to the people and make the streets of the capital more beautiful.

As she was not satisfied only with cultivating flowers at home and workplace, she always helped the Pothonggang District Floricultural Farm in its work.

Here is Choe Cho Hyang.

“We cannot talk about patriotism if we disregard what anyone should do, minding our own business alone, and if we hesitate to take it willingly as it is difficult and requires much labour.

Genuine patriotism lies in doing a lot of good work voluntarily, I think.”

When the construction of a flower greenhouse was under way nine years ago, Choe Cho Hyang regarded it as part of the work of her unit. Though busy, she often went to the construction site to give an active labour and material support to the builders.

After the greenhouse was completed, she sent young flower trees she cultivated at home and workplace as well as reference books on cultivation of flowers.

In this way, she devoted her sincerity to decorating the streets of the capital with beautiful flowers.

In the full-blown flowers in the streets she saw our life becoming more beautiful with each passing day and also the future of the country getting more prosperous.

That is why she could give more assistance to major construction sites than others and do things for the society and the collective with patriotism.
Here is Choe Cho Hyang again.

“Now it is my pride to do many work of my own accord.”

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