Green Foliage Offers Workers Good Environment for Relieving Tiredness


“The monotonous buildings and machine noises were the general idea of the mill previously. But after looking round the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill today, I wonder whether the mill is located in a park or a park nestles in the mill,” said Kim Jong Chol, a staffer of the Pyongyang Footwear Factory, after visiting the silk mill covered with thick foliage.

Employees of the mill say that the looks of the park-like mill have not merely been brought by the development of the times.

According to manager Kim Myong Hwan, the mill was built in the place of the Pyongyang silk mill which had been called the “second Pyongyang prison” during Japanese military rule.

At that time, the Japanese imperialists had raked in high colonial profits as they worked the Korean women hard like slaves in the production site furnished with conventional silk-reeling equipment, the hostel standing close to it enclosed by a five-metre high fence and threefold wire entanglements.


Today, there stands a wonderful mill whose inside looks like a palace and whose outside seems to be a park.

According to staffer Pak Su Jong, since autumn last year the mill has planted over 17,000 trees of 15 species including fir, white birch and Pinus strobus, more than 1,600 fruit trees of six kinds including white apricot, persimmon and plum trees, and at least 2,000 flowering shrubs of 15 species.


A total of 113,000 fruit and other trees and flowering shrubs in some 105 species growing in the compound of the mill present unique beauties in every season. That is why employees call their mill a flower garden in summer and a fruit garden in autumn.

Rim Pom Hyang and other silk reelers said that they relieve their fatigue after finishing daily work as they tend a garden where all kinds of flowers bloom and there is an artificial pond in which carps swim in shoals.

According to them, they feel refreshed when they do gardening while planting, watering and pruning flower trees with their own hands.

All the flower beds, hedges, chairs made with stumps and mysterious rocks and ponds representing all the scenic beauties of Mt Kumgang in different places of the mill have been designed and built by its women employees.

Thanks to their warm love and tender feelings, the beautiful and graceful compound of the mill reminds visitors of a botanical garden.

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