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Forest Rangers Increase Production of Wild Fruit Tree Saplings


Saplings of good species of trees grow at the Hyongjesan District Forestry Management Station in Pyongyang.

The Hyongjesan District Forestry Management Station in Pyongyang increases the production of wild fruit tree saplings.

“The forests in our district, which is located in the suburbs of Pyongyang, take an important part in protecting the environment of the capital city. At present, we are making redoubled efforts to make the mountains in our district thickly wooded with a variety of wild fruit tree species,” said manager Pak Yong Jin.

They worked hard to get precious wild fruit trees, especially wild pear, red-leaved plum and large chestnut trees, while touring various parts of the country, he said.

“Wild pear trees bear big and deep yellow fruits and they are so fragrant that they make everyone lost in their sweetness from far away during their ripening season. We are concentrating efforts on acclimatizing these trees,” said senior technician Ri Jong Sik.

The main thing in the production of wild fruit tree saplings is the proper choice of tree species and planting season.

By relying on its well-knit sapling production system, the station puts seed treatment, germinating, sowing and selection of time on a scientific basis.

Moreover, it developed and introduced a rooting accelerant, general vegetable vitamin and indigenous fermented microorganism fertilizer in order to promote the growth of saplings, enhance the resistance to diseases and increase the rate of rooting.

These products reliably back up the double cultivation of tree saplings in hydroponic greenhouses.

“The general vegetable vitamin, in particular, supplies enough nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and other nutritious elements to make leaves in the upper and lower parts green and glossy,” said worker Cha Mi Hyang.

Besides, the station made a power-free water pump, combined sowing machine and other equipment to apply them to the cultivation of saplings.

In the parent tree nursery and other nurseries built in every branch station thanks to the painstaking efforts of the employees, the saplings of over 20 species of wild fruit-bearing plants such as apricot, peach, pine nut, walnut, black walnut and black chokeberry trees, wild grape vine and tara vine are growing in thick verdure.

In this year’s spring tree-planting season alone, the station produced tens of thousands of tree saplings.

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