Unit 1 of the Orangchon Power Station


Unit 1 of the Orangchon Power Station is in Orang County of North Hamgyong Province.

The Orangchon Power Station is a large hydro-power station consisting of five units.

At present, Units 1, 2, 4, and 5 have been completed and Unit 3 is under construction.

People in North Hamgyong Province built those units with their own efforts overcoming difficulties at the time when everything was insufficient.

Units 1, 2, and 5 are producing electricity with the water of the Phalhyang Dam.


The Phalhyang Dam, completed in Juche 108 (2019), is a large one built across the valley.

The water of the dam goes into the tens of-kilometre-long waterway tunnel into Unit 1 of the Orangchon Power Station.

Unit 1 was inaugurated earlier than planned in January Juche 96 (2007).

Since then it has generated electricity to be supplied to the construction of the Phalhyang Dam and the province.

In recent years the power station has greatly upgraded its old technical equipment.


Engineer Kim Jong Rin at Unit 1 of the Orangchon Power Station says:

“Our power station has remodeled the original water wheel into a new-type one. Last year the Director and skilled workers did it with their own efforts. It is clear that the output gets greater even under the same volume of water.”

Successes were made in the electric power generation, but the officials and technicians of the power station do not rest content with them.

They have introduced new technology to prevent the loss of turbine oil, further raising the generating efficiency.

Meanwhile, they are pooling their wisdom with researchers of the Ministry of Electric Power Industry to further improve the automation system. They have made and introduced a new program in the general control room, producing more electricity than before.

Unit 1 of the Orangchon Power Station will make a great contribution to the electric-power production of the country in the future, too.

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