New Teaching Methods Steadily Improved


The Pyongyang University of Publishing and Printing is trying to achieve practical effect by the inspection of class at work amid the campaign to improve the educational methods at the educational institutions of the country.

The university demands the teachers make their registers and steadily better the qualitative level of the inspection.

Those who attended a class as observers learn in detail about the merits and demerits of lecture and give some opinions to the lecturer before writing them in their registers. Good points newly discovered in the course are collected to the instruction section and brought under general deliberation with the participation of the university officials, deans, department heads and teachers of the instruction guidance section.

Scientific analysis is made; whether they may be new teaching methods suited to the characteristics of subjects concerned or correspond to the purpose of training talents or they may be applied to lectures of several subjects. And if they pass the deliberation, they are completed as new teaching methods of educational and practical significance.

Like this, the inspection of class at work is an important occasion for finding out new teaching methods.

Officials of the university induced all teachers to actively apply the completed new teaching methods to the lectures. In the course of inspection, they learned if the teacher concerned introduces the new teaching methods created across the country as well as at the university to his or her lecture. They also generalized the successes and experiences of the teachers who are improving the quality of their teaching through active introduction of the new teaching methods.


The teachers made a deep study of the new teaching methods and applied them to the lectures of their subjects while finding out ways to improve the quality of their teaching.

The university has made a table for assessing the teaching qualifications so that the inspectors could go by it and lets the teachers make full preparations before inspection.

The teachers are encouraged to improve the qualitative level of inspection and incessantly find out new teaching methods and actively apply them to education. As a result, their qualifications are improving day by day.

The officials and teachers of the Pyongyang University of Publishing and Printing are constantly improving the education in accordance with the demand of the developing era and their efforts will lead to high scholarly performance of students.

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