Employees Encouraged To Be Involved In Innovation Drive


Workers study at the sci-tech learning space at the Pyongyang Musical Instrument Factory.

The mass technical innovation movement is gathering momentum at many industrial establishments.

The Pyongyang General Electric Cable Factory 326 is paying primary attention to technical training of the employees.

The management grasped various technical problems arising in practice and established an integral system of bringing them together at the sci-tech learning space, so that the study plans and lectures could be designed on that basis.

Ri Won Il, worker at the wire workshop, said that the approach not just plays a big part in helping employees acquire practical knowledge actually needed in the production, but is one of the main factors in promoting technical innovations among all the employees.

According to Jo Song Uk, chief of the technical development division, they have come up with dozens of creative ideas this year.

The Pyongyang Musical Instrument Factory is also benefiting from the sci-tech study.

When skilled workers who have extensive practical experience and are well aware of the essentials for production acquire considerable knowledge, they can produce solutions to many problems, said manager Ri Chang Ho.

According to him, Pak Song Jin, a worker at the outer box workshop, was of big help in solving a technical problem in manufacturing the “Unbangul” accordion which was highly appreciated at a musical instrument expo held in Shanghai, China, in 2018.

All the “men of ingenuity” of the factory including Pak are “regulars” at the sci-tech learning space.

The factory organizes technical lectures for workers on a regular basis and involves them in technical innovation projects.

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