A Boy Realized His Dream


A well-known scenic spot called Songdowon is on the East Sea of Korea. There is the Songdowon International Children’s Camp.

On May 2, Juche 103 (2014), when the camp was inaugurated, the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un spent the day with children, putting off all his affairs.

That day, sports and cultural events were grandly held. The touching story witnessed at the football stadium of the camp is still kept deep in the hearts of the children across the country.


After the National Juvenile Football Games, Kim Jong Un had a picture taken with the players who took the first place and then, with the runners-up stamping their feet with great envy. When he was about to leave, a boy in a standby seat ran to him with an urge to have a photo taken with him as he had desired it so much even in his dream.

The moment, all eyes were focussed on the boy. But he only rushed forward.
He made a bow to him and said without reserve.

“The respected Marshal, I want to have a picture taken with you.”

Warmly pressing his hands, Kim Jong Un entered the stadium again, saying: Ok. Let’s have a picture taken together.

The moment, stormy cheers shook the stadium.

The cheers were the sincerest and warmest ones representing the feelings of all children in the stadium, nay, the ardent desire of the children across the country.

The boy felt as if he took all the happiness on this land to himself because his ardent desire came true.


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