Taesongsan Fort


The Taesongsan Fort is in Taesong District of Pyongyang City. It was built during the Koguryo Dynasty.

Koguryo is the first feudal state of Korea which existed between 277 B.C. and A.D. 668.

Doctor and Associate Professor Kang Se Gwon, Section Chief of the History Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences, says:

“The Taesongsan Fort is one of the large mountain fortresses of Koguryo. At that time Koguryo had a powerful national strength. Transferring its capital to Pyongyang in 427, Koguryo built the castle of the Anhak Royal Palace. At the same time it built the large-scale Taesongsan Fort to defend the Anhak Royal Palace.”

The Taesongsan Fort is over 7,000 metres round.

It was built in keeping with the natural and geographical conditions. Seen in the north of the fort are rugged mountain ranges, steep inclines in the east and the west and a valley towards the Taedong River in the south. So the Taesongsan Fort was very favorable for defence.

20 gate sites were found in the fort. What is remaining now is the South Gate of the fort.

Discovered in the fort were a lot of precious relics and remains including Koguryo tiles, gilt-bronze image of Buddha and stone box with Buddhist scriptures.

The Taesongsan Fort is of great importance in studying the castle system of Koguryo.

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