Opening Avenue of Unit’s Development by Consolidating the Foundation for Prosperity with Stockbreeding


Haean Restaurant in Rason City is famous for its noodle and stockbreeding.

Its stockbreeding base, located several kilometers away from the city, breeds large numbers of domestic animals of various kinds including chicken, turkey, sheep, pig, goat, goose and duck.

It solved the feed problem with thorough establishment of a ring-shaped rotation production system.

As it persistently carried out stockbreeding, it made it possible to maintain regular supply of meat and eggs for its employees.

Besides, it rebuilt service facilities for the employees like the bathhouse and improved its service condition and environment.

Better still, it meets its own requirement for raw and other materials for cooking on the principle of self-reliance and self-support.

Reality of Haean Restaurant is a vivid proof of the correctness and vitality of our Party’s policy on “grass for meat”.

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