Disabled Persons

Caring Man Marries Disabled Girl And Makes Her Happy


Jon Chung Song (first from right) poses for a photo with his wife and daughter.

“Helping unfortunate persons and becoming their life partners are the traits of our Korean young people. But it is not so easy for a man to share his life with a woman with disability,” said Ri Song Chol, official of the Hanggu District youth league committee in Nampho.

According to Ri, Jon Chung Song is the one who toils and moils to look after his disabled wife and children overcoming all difficulties, but as he revealed no sign of such exertion, his colleagues at the district youth league committee and many others did not know about his household chores.

Jon came to know about Jang Song Mi seven years ago when he was a university student.

At that time he heard that Jang had lost her leg in an accident at the age of six and ever since spent a lonely life. Though he had never met her, he felt her agony as his own.

“I was confounded unawares when I actually faced the young woman with an artificial leg. But at the moment, I thought of young people in our era who devote their all to others and hardened my resolve to relieve her suffering,” Jon recalled.

However, the woman and her parents did not readily accept his proposal for marriage.

“When he visited us for the first time, we were so thankful to him, but we could not accept his offer for fear that my disabled daughter might cast a dark shadow on his promising future,” said his mother-in-law Jang Su Ae.

Jon’s mother also expressed a negative attitude, saying, “Sharing a life with a disabled woman is not plain sailing as you will have to do cooking, housekeeping and all in place of her. Think about it carefully before making up your mind.”

But Jon was firm in his determination. He said everyone lives happily in our society and Song Mi should do so instead of living in gloom.

Song Mi and her family members were deeply moved by his sincerity.

Finally, the presentable university student and the disabled woman tied the knot.

“My husband used to sit up all night massaging my swollen leg or nursing me when I was pregnant. As I see him try to bring me smiles and strength, I keenly feel I am a happy woman,” said Jang Song Mi.

They are now the parents of five-year-old daughter and three-year-old son who bring more happiness to the family.

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