Science and Technology

Information Service Providers Play Their Part For Online Education


Employees are at work at the computer network operation office of the Sci-Tech Complex.

The Grand People’s Study House and the Sci-Tech Complex in Pyongyang are providing comprehensive information services to the people.

The technical data related to the protection, multiplication and management of aquatic resources, geophysical prospecting of underground water and animal husbandry posted on the website of the Grand People’s Study House are enjoying a widening circle of readers.

While pushing the work for digitizing the masses of data, the national library is improving its online consulting service so as to provide relevant sectors and units with required scientific and technological data in a prompt and accurate way.

It is also giving online lectures through the livestreaming system in an effective way. Recently, it has newly instituted teaching programs for dozens of subjects for online in-service training courses, thereby the enrollment of scientists and technicians has nearly doubled as compared to the corresponding period of last year.

The Sci-Tech Complex is fulfilling its role as a multi-functional hub of dissemination of science and technology as it constantly upgrades the data diffusion system for sci-tech learning spaces at all levels.

This year, it has updated its databases with advanced technological data including the effective uses of energy in rural areas, ultrasonic treatment of coal for removing ash and sulphur, molecular biological technology, modern robotics and cultivation and processing of corn.

It also added videos, magazines and scientific reports related to information technology, nano technology, bioengineering and other core basic technologies and their development and amassed various kinds of translated data and multimedia files which are easily accessible to subscribers.

The number of subscribers to the website has doubled in recent months, according to Kim Sun Hui, a staffer of the complex.


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