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Coach’s Share In Victory


Coach Ju Hak Chol (right) analyses a shooting objective with Kim Song Guk.

“Even if you have great physical and technical abilities, you will be unsuccessful in games without receiving proper training,” said Kim Song Guk, shooter at the Amnokgang Defence Sports Club.

Kim won the men’s 10m air pistol event of the 14th Asian Shooting Championships held in Qatar in November last year and set an Asian and world record.

The triumph is said to be unthinkable apart from the efforts of coach Ju Hak Chol.

Ju began to work as coach at the Amnokgang Defence Sports Club in 2003.

After being appointed as Kim’s coach some years ago, he first delved into his characters, taste and the like, especially into the reason why he made no progress in skill.

On in-depth analysis of the cause, Ju buckled down to training and instruction for addressing Kim’s shortcomings.

“My first demand on him was the correct posture. Because it enables shooters, especially those at advanced levels, to give full play to their abilities in any circumstances,” the coach said.

He showed Kim videos about the shooting postures of both world stars and ordinary players as he told him about the difference in scores caused by incorrect postures.

He would also encourage Kim to find and put right his mistakes by himself.

According to Kim, his coach gave him scientific explanations about the causes of faults, including the movements of muscles contributing to shooting and the ensuing dynamic variations, and told him about shooting deviations observed at the time of different unstable motions while performing such movements.

In the course of that, Kim came to have a proper understanding of relevant movements and realize his shortcomings.

But knowing mistakes and correcting them were two different things.

Ju set forth drilling methods to suit his imagination and physical features to ensure that he attended training with confidence.

With the passage of time Kim showed remarkable progress in his skills, which resulted in his triumph at the international contest.

The day when Kim Song Guk obtained the gold medal at the 14th Asian championships Ju Hak Chol said:

“I feel pride in that I have also contributed to my players’ winning of gold medals for the country. I will continue to buttress my players to have them bring more gold medals to the country.”

Ju was chosen as one of the top 10 coaches of the DPRK in 2019.

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