Key to Increased Production


In recent years, the Pyongyang Rayon Yarn Factory has directed efforts to putting production lines on a modern footing and using by-products as raw and other materials.

The factory realized the control of drying and spinning processes by means of computers and established a PLC control system in the drying process.


Its officials turned the technical upgrading into an undertaking by the producers themselves, with the result that they produced practical plans for technical innovation and promoted the modernization rapidly.

The factory reduced the amount of waste threads markedly as against the previous period and raised a lot of funds by introducing technical innovation plans into all production lines.

A measuring system by means of an electronic scale developed by its technical personnel made it possible to correctly synthesize the output of products on a real-time basis so as to save labour and time in gathering the statistics.


The factory also made progress in the work to use by-products as its raw and other materials.

It laid a foundation of recycling and using thread wasted from tetron rayon yarn production by introducing a fibre polyethylene terephthalate process by means of solid phase polycondensation reaction.

The workers are producing thimbles badly needed in producing tetoron rayon yarn by making a tailstock thimble reproducing machine by themselves.

Manager Kim Jong Song said: The technicians and workers of our factory say the quality of rayon yarn is precisely that of school uniforms and bags to be supplied to pupils and students. Therefore, they never make light of any technical problem. This is the key to our achievements.

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