DPRK Further Intensifies Anti-Epidemic Campaign

True to the decision of the 14th Enlarged Meeting of the Political Bureau of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the DPRK is now dynamically promoting the work to re-examine the anti-epidemic work and carry it on more strictly.

In order to cope with the current situation in which the malignant pandemic is rapidly sweeping over the world and its danger is increasing with each passing day, the emergency anti-epidemic headquarters at all levels are directing primary efforts to raising the public awareness that the inattention, disregard and chronic attitude and hasty slackening of anti-epidemic measures would result in an unimaginable, irretrievable and fatal crisis.

All the areas and units are enlisting all means of information and motivation work to call on the residents and employees to refrain from such indolent and careless practices as wearing no face masks on the plea of sultry weather and violating anti-epidemic regulations in public service amenities.

Based on the review of anti-epidemic campaign done up to now, they are re-examining the overall work whether any sign of slackness is revealed, and taking scientific and realistic measures to maintain the stable anti-epidemic situation.

In particular, they are making every possible effort to tighten control, management, observation and sterilization so as to check any space of inflow of the pandemic in the areas along the military demarcation line, borders and coasts.

They are intensifying education and medical observation of fishermen to completely remove the space of spread of virus through the sea and making full preparations for coping with any emergency without delay and laying material and technical foundations.

The State is making exacting demands on all units so that they ensure more prompt and united action in the anti-epidemic work under the State emergency anti-epidemic information system and strictly adhere to the principle of work through video conference.

Anti-epidemic workers in South Hamgyong Province, who have built a base of producing disinfectant solution, are carrying on the disinfection and medical checkup of not only residents but farm volunteers in a responsible manner and making efforts to fully provide materials needed in the anti-epidemic work.

North Phyongan Province is directing primary efforts to the quality test of water of the Amnok and other rivers and reservoirs and organizing the work to repair and readjust the facilities of sterilizing drinking water and sewage treatment plants in a responsible way after analyzing their overall situation.

The education sector is taking thoroughgoing measures for the educational institutions across the country to ensure summer vacation as required by the anti-epidemic work.

All the units across the country are making efforts to ensure that the State benefits are correctly accessible to women workers with children.

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