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Mt Kumgang Tells Legend of Samson and Tokson Rocks


Samson Rocks on Mt Kumgang

There are Samson (three spirits) Rocks and Tokson (single spirit) Rock in the Manmulsang (Myriad-shaped Peaks) section of Mt Kumgang, a world-famous mountain in the DPRK. The rocks are associated with the legend of four spirits.

Once upon a time, four spirits from the heaven visited Mt Kumgang as they made the rounds of scenic places in the terrestrial world.

After enjoying the superb scenic beauties in Outer Kumgang and Inner Kumgang for several days, they reached the entrance to present Manmulsang by going over Onjong Pass.

Attracted by the wonderful scenery, they began to climb the top of a mountain. Fairies suddenly appeared in front of them and carried them to Chonson Rocks along a rainbow.

So, the four spirits spent a good time together with several fairies all day long, playing music, dancing and singing songs.

When night fell and it was time for the fairies to go up to the heaven, a fairy of outstanding beauty made a request to the spirits.

The fairy asked them to prevent devils from coming up there as they disturbed their enjoyment on Manmulsang.

The four spirits readily accepted the fairy’s appeal.

After saying good-bye to the fairies, they came down from the peak through the rainbow and discussed ways for carrying out their common task. And then they set up an ugly-looking rock at a high place that could easily be seen by the devils from below. Even a glimpse of the rock filled any viewer with horror. They took charge of each side of the rock and made the eastern, western and southern sides look terrible, but trimmed the side in the north pretty so that the fairies would feel no fear. The rock is now called Kwimyon (mask of a devil) Rock.

As they lined up below the ugly-looking rock to look up at it, the quick-witted youngest spirit, who realized that the place was not enough for all of them to stand, jumped over to a peak on the opposite side and took his position there and boasted that he took the best place. At last, the four spirits turned into rocks; three spirits into Samson Rocks and the last into Tokson Rock.


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