Local Hospital Updated


“Our hospital recently received 59 pieces of modern medical equipment of 43 kinds from the government. This is a very high level for a local hospital,” said Ri Ryong San, deputy director for technical affairs of the Kangwon Provincial People’s Hospital.

The new equipment included a digital X-ray machine, ultrasonic diagnosis machine, bronchoscope, centrifuge, enzyme immunity analyser, distilled water maker, artificial respirator, microinjector, and general ophthalmic treatment facility.

They are greatly helpful in improving medical treatment of patients at the hospital, said Ri.

As operating rooms are furnished with automatic equipment and full sets of appliances, doctors can perform surgical operations smoothly without unnecessary movements during surgery.

Modern experimental facilities enable the hospital to conduct any kind of tests including electrolyte and proteolysis tests scientifically and establish a correct diagnosis and treatment system accordingly.

“Microinjector, echocardiogram, ECG, oxygen generator, defibrillator and others are all top-class ones. With the help of these machines we are now able to scientifically diagnose and promptly treat all kinds of diseases like cardiovascular system disorders, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, hypertension and arrhythmia,” said Ri Ryong Un, head of the internal angiocardiology department.

In the past patients had to go here and there to receive diagnosis and ophthalmic, dental or other treatment, said doctor Hyon Sung Ho. “But now we can make comprehensive diagnosis of and give high-speed medical treatment to them in one place as we have general ophthalmic, otorhinolaryngological, and dental treatment equipment in the hospital.”

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