Human Rights

Extreme Misanthropy and Racism – Evil Practices in U.S. Society

Amid the continued anti-racism protests, white policemen’s murder of black people broke out one after another in the U.S., enraging the public.

27-year old black man was shot dead by a policeman in Atlanta, Georgia and corpses of black men were found in succession near Los Angeles, California, greatly shocking the public. There is a suspicion that the method of committing crimes is similar to the one used by Ku Klux Klan, the organization advocating white supremacy, against black people in the past.

On the other hand, white men are even ridiculing and insulting the protestors in public.

This clearly shows deep-rooted misanthropy against black people which is rampant in the U.S. society.

In the U.S. the black people are regarded as “inferior race” and becoming the targets of contempt, rejection and oppression for the only reason that they have different skin color.

There are many ultra-right misanthropic organizations in the U.S. and among them Ku Klux Klan is ill-famed at home and abroad for inciting extreme white supremacy and indiscriminate slaughter.

What matters is that the law and the social system of the U.S. are encouraging such organizations’ racist crimes and human rights abuses, far from suppressing them.

Under the patronage of the U.S. legal system based on so-called “impartiality” and “justice”, white policemen’s firing at black people has become an almost daily occurrence and 99 percent of the police killers have gone scot-free.

One third of all prisoners in the U.S. are black men while the black people only account for an eighth of the total population.

All the facts prove that all kinds of racist crimes including murders of black people committed in the U.S. one after another are the inevitable product of its reactionary and unpopular social system.

Many experts and media across the world, international bodies and even those in the U.S. are laying bare and scathingly censuring such filthy situation of the “exemplary human rights-loving state” where serious human rights abuses are committed institutionally.

CNN said that George Floyd in Minnesota is only one person among lots of Americans killed by policemen. Noting that the number of the people killed by the police every year is not clear, but it is really shocking to see only estimated data, CNN added that the data not only show the explicit and serious situation of the U.S. but also the reason why the protestors have long called for the reform of police and judicature.

Against this backdrop, the issue of institutional racism and human rights abuses rampant in the U.S. was discussed as an urgent agenda item and a protest resolution adopted at a recent meeting of the UN Human Rights Council.

UN experts on human rights issued a joint statement to censure the recent violent suppression of the anti-racism protests in the U.S. They stressed that firing tear gas at peaceful protestors and beating them won’t help gag them but only reaffirm the urgency of the struggle for police reform and racial justice in the U.S.

Chinese media carried a commentary under the title of “It is the time to unmask the U.S.”, which said that the actual human rights performance in the U.S. has been betrayed under the eyes of the 7 billion people of the world. It has been proved that the “human rights diplomacy” of the U.S. served as its lever for interfering in other countries’ internal affairs and as its “moral weapon” for attaining its geopolitical and political goals and maintaining its domination, the commentary pointed out.

False propaganda of the U.S. under the slogan of “equality for all” can not work any more.

The U.S. had better mind its poor human rights situation before accusing others.

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