Patriotic People

To Produce Research Findings Conducive to the Country’s Prosperity


A few years ago, Yun Jong Ae, researcher at the State Strain Preservation Institute under the State Academy of Sciences who was making her study at a poultry farm, began to be interested in a waste product with which she might make nutritive feed additive for fish.

She has already had an experience of developing effective nutritive feed additives for domestic animals and poultry by making use of protein sources from their furs and feathers.

The additives paid off in practice, with the result that she took a doctorate.

She, full of confidence, buckled down to a research for developing a new feed additive by means of poultry waste as suited to the breeding features of fish.

She put emphasis on finding a new method of obtaining amino acid by processing the waste chemically. Her repeated failures led to developing a new method, but it resulted in the corrosion of synthetic reactor.

It went against her conscience as a scientist to accept her research findings which did not conform to the reality. She made redoubled efforts to find out a rational method. Her painstaking efforts bore a great fruit. She got precious data related to a reaction solvent conducive to overcoming the defect.

Based on a scientific analysis of relations between influence factors in the process of synthetic reaction, she developed a method of producing amino acid in an industrial way by synthesizing feather protein and succeeded in making a nutritive feed additive for increasing the weight and survival rate of fish and introduced it into reality.


The additive made it possible to raise the weight of catfish by 30% and that of rainbow trout and sturgeon by 20% and proved effective in breeding mandarin fish and loach. It also prevented various diseases of fish caused by protein shortage.

At present, she works as the head of a laboratory. She says:

We scientists should make great efforts to produce research findings to be a substantial benefit to the country. By so doing, we can increase the wealth of the country much more and further improve the people’s standard of living.

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