Pyongyang Golf Course


The Pyongyang Golf Course is located in Thaesong-ri, Kangso District, northeast of Nampo City.

Renovated in 2019, it covers an area of about 200 hectares and has an accommodation capacity of over 200 persons at a time.


In its compound through the golf ball-looking gate, one can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of golf courses. The courses, with a total length of 6,777 yards and 18 holes, are laid out in a distinctive way to host international games.


Various obstacles, such as sand bunkers and forests stimulate the visitors’ curiosity about golf.

The golf course consists of a general service building with a wading pool, a table-tennis hall, fitness halls and a restaurant, and a golf service building that sells golfing tools and offers other services.


Cosy lodgings are divided into individual and family ones.

It also has a boating ground and an angling site for visitors to enjoy various leisure activities.

Surrounded by Lake Thaesong and Mt Sokchon, it has a beautiful scenery and pure and invigorating air.

Categories: Culture, Sports, Tourism

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