Economic Development & Construction

New Tideland Reclaimed


Ansok tideland reclamation project is nearing its completion.

The project requires the building of 10 km-long embankment stretching from Ansok-ri to Sokchi-ri in Onchon County of South Phyongan Province, whose completion will reclaim well over a thousand hectares of land.


Cherishing the pride in expanding the land, an eternal asset of the country, builders of the General Tideland Reclamation Enterprise of South Phyongan Province pushed ahead with the construction, rain or shine, even under the unfavourable weather conditions.

Holding science and technology as the key to making a leap forward, officials of the enterprise set the section of final damming on a rational basis and applied advanced methods to building embankment as suited to the regional features.


By introducing a new blasting method and ensuring full operation of rolling stocks and other facilities, the builders of the quarry supplied sufficient amounts of stones and earth for speeding up the construction.

After having finished the first-phase damming project last year, officials and workers of the enterprise are making tireless efforts to step up the tideland reclamation project, thus distancing the sea farther from the land and changing the seascape of the northwestern part of Onchon County.


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