Samchon Catfish Farm


Samchon County, whose name is originated in the fact that it has three hot springs, has a catfish farm in its county town where a hot spring gushes out.

The hot spring has a temperature between 48℃ and 50℃, and its daily discharge amounts to several thousand cubic metres.

Since it was established over 20 years ago, the farm has grown in scale beyond recognition. Three years ago it reconstructed its production lines to put them on a scientific, intensive and industrial basis. As a result, its annual output leapt tenfold from 300 tons.

It has an indoor production ground comprising breeding, hatching and fattening blocks, over 90 outdoor ponds, cold storage chamber, and workshops for processed catfish goods, feed and their additives production.

The integrated manufacturing system is so introduced as to measure and control in real time the water temperature, pH and the quantity of oxygen in indoor and outdoor ponds, automatically monitor the supply of water and feed as suited to the growth of fish, and produce floating feed and feed additives.

The hatching workshop produces more than 800,000 fry every month, and the fattening workshop turns out 270 kilogrammes of fish per one cubic metre of water.


Last year the officials and employees of the farm built by their own efforts 70 outdoor ponds, thus laying material foundations for producing over 1,800 tons of fish additionally.

They worked strenuously in close collaboration with the experts to shorten the cycle of fish farming and develop additives for every growing period of catfish. As a result, per-head level of feed consumption was markedly lowered and fattening rate increased by 20 percent.

Now the Samchon Catfish Farm plays the role of a “pedigree farm” for disseminating cutting-edge technology in fish culture across the country.

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