Economic Development & Construction

Promising Mine of Korea


The March 5 Youth Mine was developed 40 years ago in the northern part of Korea, which has a rich deposit of minerals with useful metallic properties and favourable mining conditions.

The mine has now grown into a mining giant with numerous layers of open pits, large-scale crushing plants, two dressing plants with a total floor space of scores of thousand square metres and the like, giving a glimpse into its proud development history and bright prospect.

What constitutes the best guarantee for the mine’s development is the firm faith of all its officials and workers in self-development and self-prosperity, which has been imprinted on their mind in the course of braving untold difficulties and hardship and achieving continuous progress.

Grasping it as key to production growth to build up its own scientific and technological forces and introduce advanced sci-tech achievements in a proactive way, the mine pushes ahead with the work to make all its employees well versed in science and technology while collaborating with scientific research units on modernizing the existing production lines and setting up new ones.

Several years ago it set a goal of establishing its own refinery, instead of transporting mineral ores to the region a hundred and scores of kilometres away from the mine for nonferrous metal production. If so, it would make its business management cost-effective and render a tangible contribution to the economic development of the country.

Officials, technical and working personnel pushed forward the construction of a refinery by introducing new construction methods, thus propelling the project without letup even in unfavourable weather conditions of the northern area and erecting a modern one in a short span of one year.

The new refinery is amply furnished with processes for collecting from mineral ores all the precious and rare metals as well as nonmetals, such as copper and molybdenum.

The brisk mine-wide technical innovation campaign enlists the creative initiative of the masses in putting the production on a normal basis.


Today the mine has assumed a flawless appearance as befits the comprehensive production base of nonferrous metals.

The mine channels big efforts into building dwelling houses every year for the increasing number of employees and their families.

One of its major efforts in to improve conditions and environment of education in primary, junior and senior middle schools and to spruce up the nursery and kindergarten.

The hospital equipped with up-to-date medical facilities and the Hoha Health Complex furnished with sports and welfare service facilities are no less excellent than those in cities.

Amid a vigorous drive to transform nature, nonpaddy fields around the mine have been turned into paddy fields with high yields, and the surrounding mountains into “gold” and “treasure” mountains.

Thanks to these endeavours, the mine is getting younger and more prosperous.

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