Training into Masters of the Sky


It was five years ago when there were established aviation clubs in every province of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and so was the South Hamgyong Provincial Aviation Club. However, it has already acquired a reputation in the aviation sporting field in the country.

The aviation club trains athletes for gliding, aeromodelling, and parachuting events.

Coaches spare no efforts in selecting among students of junior middle schools appropriate reserves with intelligence, a sturdy physique and a suitable constitution for each sporting event. Then they give detailed and intensive training in basic techniques in consideration of specific features of every trainee.

Generally, it takes several years of training to become professional aviators who are well versed in aeromodelling, a conglomeration of designing, manufacturing and flying techniques, and parachuting. The club’s athletes say that they, too, have their bitter memories.

But every athlete is stepping up training with a high ambition of becoming champions and bringing glory to the country.

The South Hamgyong Provincial Aviation Club never yields precedence in the annual sporting events, including the Republic Championships.

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