Economic Development & Construction

Efforts on Freshwater Fish Farming


Nampho City is directing efforts to freshwater fish-farming.

It has built a fish farm on an area of over 40,000 square metres in the Jindochon area which is very favourable to the living of fishes for rich amounts of various floating plants such as diatomaceae and microorganisms and appropriate water temperature and oxygen content.

The fish farm consists of indoor and outdoor fishponds and cage nets.

Various species of fishes, including tropical goldfish, Ryongjong fish and red carp, are bred in the cage nets installed in the middle of outdoor fishponds covering an area of 6,000 square metres.

Excrement of fishes in the cage nets and floating plankton and microorganisms are used in breeding silver carp, aristichythys nobilis, grass carp, etc.

The fish farm breeds a large number of turtles, which weigh over 1 kg in a year, in the indoor fishponds.

It also provides the ecological environment for fish and solves feed problem by cultivating azolla filliculoidas. It also cultivates rotifer zooplankton to feed fry.

At present, over 10 species of fishes are bred in the farm.

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