Disabled Persons

Persons With Impairments Enjoy Special Working Conditions


Man may lose his working ability due to illness in the course of his life.

Disability in general can lead to unemployment.

But in the DPRK where the state carries complete responsibility for the living of the people and takes full care of them as a policy, special attention and more benefits are devoted to such persons.

Already in the early 1960s, it established a system to give the infirm persons medical benefits by excluding them from the main labour force, and restore them to health by giving them occupational therapy.

Accordingly, household doctors came to keep the special lists of them to offer them medical assistance, while light labour workshops came into being.

The Jungsin Light Labour Workshop Management Board in Pyongyang has about 100 employees.

In the workshop, they do production and various welfare service activities that fit them for six hours a day.

“We make the badges of the Children’s Union. We feel pride in our work, though undemanding, at the thought that we contribute to the good of schoolchildren,” said Ri Kyong Sik, leader of the production workteam.

Members of the home workteam provide dozens of kinds of welfare services including the repair of watches, glasses and electronic appliances, clothes making and glass cutting.

Unlike other enterprises, the management board has to look after the health of its employees as an important duty.

“In accordance with the state policy on the infirm and regulations on the management of light labour workshops, we work hard to properly operate the nutrition canteen for employees. Paramedics prepare liquid medicines and Koryo medicines to suit the conditions of each patient for recovery,” said Ri Chon Ok, chairwoman of the management board.

The management board takes measures to ensure that its employees feel no inconveniences in life while always paying attention to their living and arranges tours of scenic beauties in summer and autumn.

“I was a highly skilled hand in a big machine factory. Since I unexpectedly got hurt in my waist, I’ve worked in the light labour workshop. I offer my heartfelt thanks to the state and officials for giving us big benefits and deeply caring for us. We lead a fulfilling life under social care,” said worker Kim Yong Chol.

“I’ve received state benefits since my childhood for my poor health. Now, as an adult, I have come to be able to do something for the country, I feel proud of my effort in front of society and my parents,” said worker Thae Yun Il.

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