Children of Korea

Working Mothers Feel Little Worry About Their Children

Industrial establishments with many women workers have nurseries in the DPRK.

“The factory selected the site of our nursery in the best place and gave it a total facelift on several occasions. The present building was reconstructed last year,” said Kim Ok Ran, head of the nursery in the Pyongyang General Electric Cable Factory 326.

The two-storey nursery building with a total floor space of 3,600 square metres has rooms for those in the suckling and edification classes, an intelligent games room, dining hall, laundry, medical room, outdoor playground and others. There are fairy-tale pictures on all the corridor walls and smart desks, chairs and beds in the rooms.

After arriving at the nursery together with their mothers in the morning, children have a simple medical check-up and start their interesting daily programme.

“At first, I didn’t feel at ease with worry about my daughter since I had left my fretful child who was reluctant to part from me to the care of nursery teachers. But a few days later, she threw herself into the arms of nurses with an unreserved smile and became healthy. Sometimes, she would pester me to go to the nursery even on Sundays,” said Kim Sin Hui, a worker with a two-year-old daughter.

In the nursery children have three meals and two snacks. The state provides them with not only food grain and condiments but also kefir, kelp drops and peanuts for their snacks and the factory also offers fruits and other foods.

“The nursery cooks spend much labour for each meal to improve the nutritious conditions of children, preparing rabbit dish and mussel and carrot powder gruels,” said the nursery chief.

The daily routine of the children in the edification class includes intelligent games, singing and dancing, physical exercise and study of storybooks, and kids are especially fond of intelligent games and sports, according to nursery teacher Jong Yong Ae.

Children build vehicle, crane and other models using various construction sets and easily complete animation pictures by putting together dozens of jigsaw puzzle pieces, she said, adding their skills develop remarkably day after day.

Those who have an aptitude for music learn to play the electronic organ and percussion instruments. “Laughter of children romping happily in the playground during the field play time is heard even in office rooms. In that case I have a strong urge to look out of the window. Their laughter reverberating through the factory compound is the pleasure of all our employees,” said Mun Myong Chol, a workshop manager of the factory.

“My son, who has been attending our factory nursery since he was a suckling baby, is now four years old. As the nursery takes full care of him, from his health management to nutrition management and intelligence development, I am free from worries about him, which makes me work to the best of my ability,” said Jo Mi Hyang, a staffer of the factory.

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