Visit to Wetland in Rason (1)

The DPRK, which has been called a golden tapestry from ancient times, boasts beautiful scenery and ideal habitats of animals and birds.

Among such habitats of migratory birds is the Rason area in the northern part with lakes of clear water, big and small bays and islets, peaceful woods and dense forests, and abundant biological resources.

Every year more than 50,000 water birds of 250 odd species are observed in this area, including those of over 30 globally threatened species.

The vast area on the lower Tuman River was designated as a migratory bird (wetland) reserve in 1995, and then a Ramsar wetland site in 2018.

Al Islet which was designated as a sanctuary of seabirds in 1959 serves as a breeding place for gulls, Temmnick’s Cormorants and scores of other seabirds.

The wetland ecosystem in Rason is getting more diversified and plentiful, thanks to the protection policy of the State.

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