Patriotic People

For the Football Development of the Country


Han Un Gyong, deputy chairwoman of the Football Association of the DPRK and concurrently member of the Executive Committee of the Asian Football Confederation, is the only woman representative from the East Asian Region.

Han was born the youngest of the four to a family in Sinpho, South Hamgyong Province along the East Sea of Korea. Her father worked at the Sinpho Fishing Station and mother was a teacher.


A girl of lively character, she enjoyed sporting activities, and football above any other events.

But she was afflicted with a serious illness in her middle school days, which wrecked her dream of becoming a football star.

Never abandoning her attachment to football, Han strove hard during her university days to accumulate knowledge in football.


Thanks to her laborious efforts, she excelled herself in the field of football when she began her social career at the then Korea Olympic Committee.

She then studied at Korea University of Physical Education, and was promoted to executive secretary in charge of international affairs of the DPRK Football Association in 2004. She is acting as its deputy chairwoman since 2013.

In 2011 Han was elected a member of the women’s football committee under the Asian Football Confederation.

Two years later she became a member of the AFC Executive Committee, and has been in office as deputy chairwoman of the AFC Associations Committee since 2016.

At present she works at the Member Associations Committee of FIFA.

Though she is not playing football in the ground, she is devoting herself entirely to the football development of the country.


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