Economic Development & Construction

Kangwon Province Prospers by Dint of Self-reliance


Kangwon Province in the middle eastern part of Korea consists mostly of mountainous regions and has unfavourable, changeable climatic conditions and fragile industrial foundations.

However, it is now being transformed into a place that is making tremendous development in the fierce flames of creation and construction.

The construction of the Wonsan Army-People Power Station in the region was the first step taken by the province toward its self-reliance.

It was a gigantic project for the province; scores of kilometres of waterway tunnels and nearly two million cubic metres of embankments should be built to divert course of the river which initially emptied into the West Sea of Korea to the East Sea of Korea.


However, the province successfully erected the power station, solving all the problems by dint of high spirit of the local people and scientific and technological strength.

In this course, all the provincial people were equipped firmly with the spirit that self-reliance is the only way out to make a living and nothing would be impossible if self-reliance and self-development are regarded as the motive force.


Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited Kangwon Province in December 2016, looked round the December 6 Children’s Camp, Wonsan Army-People Power Station and other units, and highly praised that the official and people are the creators of the spirit of Kangwon Province.

In 2017, more than 180 factories and enterprises carried out their annual national economic plans before October 10, the founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, surmounting harsh trials and difficulties, and the Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory, Kumgang County and the Kangwon Provincial Commission of Science and Technology were honoured as the model units of the present era.


In 2018, the Kangwon Provincial Tree Nursery with an annual production capacity of over 20 million saplings was built, opening a broad vista for afforestation campaign. Last year a fishery station, Maebongsan Spring Water Factory and the provincial old people’s home were erected, and several power stations are nearing completion at present.

Kangwon Province is now self-sufficient in steel, cement, finishing materials and others needed in the economic construction and improvement of the people’s living standards.

New farming methods are introduced to steadily increase crop yields in low-yielding fields that occupy most of the farmlands in the province.

Many products of the province, including Maebongsan-brand leather shoes, are enjoying great popularity across the country.

Not resting on its laurels, Kangwon Province is now continuing its advance toward higher goals.


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