Foreign Affairs

Protest Demonstration Staged by Youth and Students in DPRK

Youth and students in Pyongyang and every province staged protest demonstrations in denunciation of the south Korean authorities and “defectors from the north” on June 7 and 8.

The participants in the protest demonstration of youth and students in Pyongyang at the Youth Park Open-Air Theatre were full of the will to mercilessly punish the mad dogs which dared to hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership.

Those in South and North Phyongan provinces marched along streets, bitterly condemning the anti-DPRK hostile acts committed by the groups of traitors including the human scum.

The participants in the protest demonstrations held in South and North Hwanghae and Jagang provinces expressed their vehement indignation over the reckless acts committed by the filthy human scum with the connivance of the south Korean authorities.

The protest demonstrations in South and North Hamgyong and Kangwon provinces powerfully displayed the spirit of youth vanguards to mercilessly destroy the den of the groups of traitors who dared to point fingers at the sun.

The angered youth and students in Ryanggang Province and Nampho, Kaesong and Rason cities shouted slogans against enemies who dared to hurt the DPRK.

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