Advanced Dialytic Therapies

Son Il Su, head of dialysis department of Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital, has a profound knowledge of and rich clinical experience in medical treatment.

He has recently established afresh various dialytic therapies suited to the constitution of Koreans and applied them into clinical practice.

While working as the head of department, he came to know that the existing method was not so effective in treating patients suffering from kidney disease who have lost blood purification function because of various factors.

He realized the necessity for developing the Korean-style dialytic treatment methods with scientific accuracy and high efficacy, and buckled down to the research to this end.

He completed the paracentesis of femoral vein and internal artery demanding a high level of technical skills in keeping with the actual reality, and succeeded in developing several innovative therapies such as hemodialysis and sodium dialysis. He also developed dialysate that had been imported, and applies it to treatment.

At present, the doctors of his department are administering advanced therapies to restore the health of patients with kidney disorders who were diagnosed as incurable.

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