Economic Development & Construction

Rooting Rate Raised


The Sukchon County Forest Management Station in South Phyongan Province increases sapling production as it raises the rate of rooting.

“Since our county is a flat area, its parent nursery is located in a flatland unlike other counties that set up parent nurseries in the fields at the foot of mountains,” said manager Ri Myong Song.

The station carried out a project for establishing an automatic irrigation system with the water of the far-off Aesang River as the source and installed sprayers, each having a 10-metre radius, thereby laying a foundation for production that is unaffected by any severe drought.

In the 250m2 plastic panel greenhouse to which the double tree sapling cultivation method has been applied, saplings of dozens of good species of trees are produced, including Schizandra chinensis, pine-nut, Kumya black pine and metasequoia.

Characteristic of the sapling production at the station is the application of the C1 farmyard manure.

According to the senior engineer of the station, the manure activates the roots of planted trees and enables them to absorb nutrients from the soil in time and develop root hair in a fortnight, resulting in a higher rate of rooting.

“Generally, tree saplings are raised in greenhouses before being transplanted to fields and then to mountains. Those of pine-nut trees, however, are grown at a place for three years before being moved to mountains as they are apt to die when they are moved to other place before three years. But all the 500 one-year-old pine-nut saplings we transplanted three years before took root and stay alive,” said keeper Kim Myong Hui.

At present the station produces ten tons of C1 farmyard manure every year.

Its application helps the station lower the rate of dependence on chemical fertilizers by 80 percent as compared to previously, prevent soil acidification and increase soil fertility and the rooting rate of saplings.

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