Nurse Becomes Spouse of Disabled Soldier


Disabled soldier Kim Il Nam strolls with his wife Choe Sun Jong.

“As the saying goes, the face is the index of the heart. Choe Sun Jong is beautiful, but her spiritual world is more beautiful,” said Kim Hak Song, director of the Yondae Polyclinic in Waudo District, Nampho.

Choe Sun Jong, nurse of the polyclinic, is respected by her fellow medical workers and other people not only because she is devoted to patients but also she is the wife of honoured disabled soldier Kim Il Nam.

She met Kim for the first time in October last year.

On her way back home after work she happened to see a young man limping along the street.

A nurse by occupation, Choe felt she could not go past him, so she helped him walk home holding his arms, though he declined her help.

That day, Sun Jong learned that he was a disabled soldier and his father was an honoured disabled worker.

She was attracted by his parents who were proud of their son as he sacrificed himself without hesitation at the post of national defence and the noble mentality of the man who lived optimistically although he lost one leg, Choe recalled.

From that day on, she often called on him.

She treated his sick father, too, and sometimes sang songs to please them.

In the course of that, she was fascinated by Il Nam’s enthusiasm and kind heart and made up her mind to be his life partner.

But the parents of both her and Il Nam disagreed with her.

“I was very surprised to learn my daughter’s decision to marry the disabled soldier. At first, I thought it was due to a passing impulse,” said Sun Jong’s mother, Kim Yon Chun.

Il Nam and his parents adamantly refused her proposal as they hated making a sacrifice of Sun Jong for him.

But her love for him grew more intense and her resolution was firm and unshakable.

According to Il Nam’s mother Kim Sun Hui, all her family members were moved to tears when Sun Jong who was so admired by all both at her work and in her village came to their home to get married to him. Through her, she remembered, we could see once again the true image of our society where everyone lives harmoniously helping and leading one another forward.

“Honoured disabled soldiers are patriots who devoted themselves to the defence of the country at their sacred posts. I think it is natural to love such people. I will do my best to build a happy family as his leg and supportive wife,” said Sun Jong.

Sun Jong and Il Nam recently had a wedding amid the blessings of her fellow medical workers and villagers.


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