Traditional Spring Costume


When spring comes around, the Korean people prefer to wear traditional costume, and most impressive are women attired in elegant-looking chima (long skirt) and jogori (coat).

Proportional differences of short jogori and long chima give no impression of disproportion, but rather, elicit distinctive charm.


Typical kinds of jogori include loose-stitched lined, backstitched, panhoejang (ornamental edging of cuffs, collar and strings) and samhoejang (colourful strips sewn on the cuffs, collar, strings and armpits). And there are also various kinds of chima, including pleated one, kkorichima (long skirt hemmed on both sides), and crimson-coloured one.

The costume’s colours, such as light pink, yellowish green, light maroon, yellow and other soft and bright ones, blend well with natural environment, while the patterns featuring flowers, leaves, grass, fruits and others easily found in the country, looking mild, fine and vivid.

Fine and elegant traditional costume of the Korean people add grace to the balmy spring scenery.

Categories: Culture

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