Mobile Cage-net Fish Farming Grounds Increase


The mobile cage-net fish farming is in full swing in the DPRK.

The DPRK with many rivers and lakes kicked off the farming since 2013. At present, well over one thousand cage-net fish farming grounds can be found across the country.

The Pyongyang Municipal Fish Farming Management Bureau set up more cage-nets covering over 6 950 square metres in the Taedong and Pothong rivers last year for raising many fishes, including catfish, Ryongjong fish, silver carp and Aristichythys nobilis.

South Hamgyong Province has newly set up more cage-nets covering over 3 600 square metres and water quality measuring apparatuses and is breeding fish in a scientific and technological way.

This year, North Hamgyong Province built a fish farm with two kinds of mobile cage-nets—rectangular and petal—in Lake Jangyon. It is equipped with an integrated control system and a power supply system by means of solar panels.

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