Economic Development & Construction

Producer of Delicious Grapes and Wine


You will see a vast stretch of plantations thick with grapevines and girls picking delicious fruits near Sariwon.

A number of vineyards created in the fruit farm and southeastern region of Sariwon are known for their bumper harvest every year.

The region features low hills and mountains, so dry-field farming was the first consideration in the past.

On August 4, 1950, during the Fatherland Liberation War, President Kim Il Sung visited the place on his way back from inspection tour to the front and chose the site for building a fruit farm. Since then, the fruit farming began in the region, which later developed into a leading fruit producer in the country.

Over a thousand hectares of orchards have been built, most of which are vineyards.

Grapes became one of specialities of Sariwon, and a winery was built in the city.

The Sariwon Winery underwent reconstruction in November last year.

It has established an integrated manufacturing system and made all the production processes germ-free, thus enabling the production growth and quality improvement.

The management and workers of the factory strive hard to ensure the hygienic safety and quality of products and develop new goods by strengthening its own technical personnel.

The factory’s products have already earned fame throughout the country.

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