Children of Korea

“Haebaragi” School Supplies Favoured by Children

Ryongbong School Supplies Factory which was inaugurated in October last year is situated at the foot of Mt. Ryongak in Pyongyang.

The factory turns out various kinds of school supplies such as pencils, ball-pens, crayons, watercolours, erasers, rulers, pencil cases and so on.

It is equipped with modern facilities and has established an integrated manufacturing system. All its officials and employees are making strenuous efforts to produce school supplies that satisfactorily meet users’ requirements as well as achieve pedagogical purposes. To do so, they ensure the operation of the machines at full capacity by encouraging the workers to improve their technical skills and scrupulously manage the facilities.

At the same time, a factory-wide drive is under way to perfect the production lines to turn out school supplies in a diversified type and range.

Thanks to energetic endeavours of the factory employees, the haebaragi (sunflower)-brand school supplies are already preferred by all, ranging from kindergarten pupils to university students across the country.

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