General Fishing Equipment Factory



The General Fishing Equipment Factory in Jonjin-dong, Rangnang District of Pyongyang, is a producer of a wide variety of nets, ropes, floats and other equipment for fishing and shallow-sea culture.

The factory occupies an area of more than 34,000 square metres, and is fully equipped with sophisticated machines and facilities. All the production processes are integrated and automated, so that production and management activities are put on a scientific and optimal basis.

Its employees constantly improve their technical knowledge and skills and strictly observe the technical regulations and standard working rules to ensure the full-capacity operation of machines.

It turns out many types of nets needed for different fishing methods and fish kinds, floats for gill and seine nets and sea culture, and ropes for various purposes.

Regarding science and technology as a key to increased production, it pushes ahead with the technical innovation campaign in close collaboration with specialized scientific research institutes.

It recently remodeled the finder of broken cord positions and the automatic feeder of raw materials, and introduced technical innovations in conformity with its actual conditions, thus rendering a great contribution to increasing the production 1.5 times more than that in the days of its inauguration.

It also gives spurs to the effort to increase production and improve quality by utilizing domestic materials.

Its products are becoming popular in the country.

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