Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s Loving Care for Children


In the best places of the DPRK there are admirable buildings for children, and they are associated with the loving care of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who regards the children as the king of the country.

Visiting the newly-built Kyongsang Kindergarten in Changjon Street in May Juche 101 (2012), the Supreme Leader advised officials to cover its playground for children with sand or turfs, not with pitch so that children may not get hurt.

On January 1, 2015, he visited the Pyongyang Baby Home and Orphanage right after making his New Year Address. That day, he spent many hours with children, hearing their talk, enjoying their New Year performance and having a photo session with them. Noting that he was proud of enjoying the New Year’s Day at the newly built homes of happiness together with children, he said their happy looks hardened his conviction over the rosy future of the country.

When visiting the Wonsan Baby Home and Orphanage nearing completion in June that year, he proposed letting children cut tape at the inaugural ceremony so that they could always remember the event even after they have grown up.

Such stories about the Supreme Leader’s loving care for the children will be conveyed forever.

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