Culinary Culture of Korea

A Factory to Benefit the People



From olden times, the Korean people have widely used terrapin as a tonic and Koryo medicine. Terrapin dish is regarded as a delicacy for its high nutritive value and medicinal effects.

Okryu Restaurant, Chongnyu Restaurant, Pyongyang Taedonggang Fish Restaurant and other public catering establishments in the capital city of Pyongyang serve various kinds of terrapin dishes such as soup, porridge, broth, fries, steamed and sliced meat, liquor and tea mixed with terrapin blood, etc.


The Pyongyang Terrapin Farm located in the suburbs of Pyongyang supplies them with the materials.

Sprawling over 320,000 square metres with a total floor space of more than 50,000 square metres, the farm has an annual production capacity of hundreds of thousands of terrapins.

It has over 20 indoor and outdoor grounds for raising mother terrapins and fries and their breeds, and an automatic hatching room, geothermal machine room, microorganism, cultivation ground, etc.

It cultivates azolla filliculoidas in the grounds and installs hiding nets to provide favourable living conditions for timid terrapins. Atmospheric and water temperatures are controlled in such an effective way as to raise terrapins even in midwinter.

Terrapins weighing over 500g are supplied to the public service and commercial networks in Pyongyang.

Terrapins with the maximum weight of 10 kg are also bred in the farm.


The automatic hatching machine ensures its performance efficiency by 90 per cent.

The general control room monitors such major indexes as temperature, oxygen content and pH value of water in the breeding grounds and controls the feeding time on a real-time basis. It measures the length of a terrapin’s carapace by an optical method to take its weight, and adjusts the amount of feed and the living conditions.

The farm produces on its own assorted feed high in protein to lower the norm of materials consumption per unit of product. It breeds large numbers of terrapins with less water and energy by introducing a water-recycling system through bio-filtration.

Its employees acquire advanced knowledge of breeding terrapins at the sci-tech learning space which is connected online to Kim Il Sung University, Sci-Tech Complex and other educational and scientific research institutions.

Its researchers are directing efforts to the studies of raising superior strains of terrapins which gain weight quickly and lay many eggs with less consumption of feed so as to steadily increase the number of terrapins.

The farm is associated with the leadership exploits of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Noting that the Workers’ Party of Korea attaches importance to it, he gave tens of precious instructions and visited it several times to develop it into the farm that brings benefits to the people.

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