Culinary Culture of Korea

Four Typical Dishes of Pyongyang

Pyongyang cold noodles, Pyongyang onban, mung-bean pancake, and Taedong River mullet soup are four typical dishes of Pyongyang, and they represent traditional food culture in the Pyongyang area.


Pyongyang cold noodles, whose strips are made of buckwheat, are renowned from ancient times as a masterpiece of Korean noodles. Light and slippery noodle strips, tasty stock and garnishing stimulate appetite. Therefore, it has been a must for those visiting Pyongyang to taste Pyongyang cold noodles.


Pyongyang onban is a dish of rice in hot chicken broth and garnished with mung-bean pancake, boiled chicken and mushroom slices. A blend of different foodstuffs adds flavour to the dish.


Mung-bean pancake has distinctive features according to local areas. In the Pyongyang area mung-bean is ground to thin batter, mixed with vegetables and pork fat slices and baked until it becomes yellowish.


Taedong River mullet soup has a long history in the area, too. It has been regarded as courteous to serve honoured guests the soup made of mullet caught in the Taedong River.

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