Culinary Culture of Korea

Foodstuff Production Increased


The demand for foodstuff becomes more diverse.

The foodstuff factories in different parts of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea make positive efforts to produce various kinds of good-quality foodstuffs favoured by people.

The Songyo Foodstuff Factory in the capital city Pyongyang is concentrating efforts on developing new products and raising their quality to produce delicious and highly nutritive foodstuffs.

Products of this factory are in great demand not only at the public service amenities in the district but also at a number of commercial service amenities in the city.

The factory is producing tens of kinds of foodstuffs including breads such as yeast bread, stuffed bread and sweet bread, confectionery, and various drinks and noodles. Especially, noodles and drinks are popular among residents in the district for their high quality.

In order to make the people’s diet richer the factory has made painstaking efforts to produce a larger quantity of tasty and highly nutritive foodstuffs.

It modernized production processes in accordance with its characteristics and thus laid a foundation to normalize production in any conditions. All the employees of the factory found a way to revitalize production in producing foodstuffs favoured by people and products which can symbolize the factory and pooled wisdom and passion to realize it.

Making a rational use of the existing foundation for production, they solved technical problems to invent the production equipment suited to their actual conditions one by one. In the course, they manufactured various kinds of equipment to modernize the bread production process and increase the variety of foodstuffs. They have also streamlined all the production processes to normalize production with less electricity, further raising the quality of foodstuffs and increasing their output.

Products of the factory were highly estimated at the Fourth Confectionery Sculpture Exhibition held last year.

The people’s livelihood will be improved thanks to the high enthusiasm of the officials and employees of the Songyo Foodstuff Factory who are working hard to produce more foodstuffs.

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