Peculiar Geological Spots in Mt. Paektu Area (5)

The area of Mt. Paektu in Korea has many geologically peculiar spots formed by volcanic eruptions.


Buried trees can be found in the area of Mt. Paektu. Originally, trees growing in the area were buried under pumice formed during the volcanic eruption.

Those buried trees are of great significance in confirming the date of pumiceous eruption.


Carbonized trees can be found in different places of the area of Mt. Paektu. About 400-year-old carbonized trees are seen in valleys as well as on hills which are around 2,300 metres above the sea level.

They have been registered as natural monuments and are under custody.


There are also volcanic bombs in several regions of the Paektu volcanic belt.

The volcanic bomb was formed when the lava which had not stiffened cooled abruptly while evaporating at fast speed because of gas explosion.

Various shapes of volcanic bombs are an attraction of tourism in volcanic landform.


The Posori prismatic jointing cliff is in Poso-ri of Samjiyon City.

The cliff surrounds the Posori volcanic body in a place with high altitude. It is about 800 metres wide and 300 metres high.

The prismatic jointing has been well developed and so cliff-climbing equipment can be installed there, which can be seen at geological parks.


Lake Samji is so called because three ponds are lying abreast.

The lake was formed as a result of a river being blocked by the lava emitted during the volcanic eruption about one million years ago.

The main water sources are atmospheric precipitation and underground water.
There are many water plants and various kinds of fish in the lake.

The water of the lake is clear and its shore is sandy beach. The lake is surrounded by thick virgin forest.

Lake Samji, one of the beautiful scenic spots, has been registered as a natural monument and is protected.

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