Economic Development & Construction

Nation Turns To Renewables To Increase Power Output


A brisk activity is underway across the country to produce electricity from various energy sources.

Kangwon Province is building several power stations at the same time.

Jagang Province, blessed with abundant hydroelectric power resources, is pushing ahead with the construction of over ten hydropower stations.

Many institutions, factories, enterprises and cooperative farms in the province have built a total of over 190 miniature and super miniature power stations so as to provide themselves with the electricity needed for their production and management.

Hamhung Youth Power Station Unit 1 with a capacity of thousands of kilowatts has been built in South Hamgyong Province.

Kumya and Hamju counties have constructed Kumyagang Power Station Unit 2 and Hamju Chusang Power Station Unit 2 at physiographically favourable places.

Rason City has built Rason Youth Power Station units 4 and 5 in the Sonbong area by taking advantage of its geographical characteristics.

Meanwhile, many medium and small hydroelectric power stations started operation.

The whole country is directing much effort to the work for making effective use of various energy sources like solar and wind energies.

In Pyongyang, system-parallel solar power generation systems have been introduced into dozens of units such as the Taesongsan Spring Water Factory, Ryuwon Footwear Factory and Pyongyang Municipal Foodstuff Complex.

The Jungsan County Post Office in South Phyongan Province has successfully set up a power generation system relying on methane gas after a solar power generation system.

Following the experience of the Sunchon City Drink Factory, local industrial factories in the city has equipped themselves with similar processes.

The North Phyongan Provincial Power Distribution Station has installed dozens of wind-driven generators and thousands of solar panels.

South Hwanghae Province erected many wind turbines in Unchon and Unnyul counties with substantial wind power resources and built power plants using biomass in Sinchon, Yonan, Paechon and other counties.

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